Who we are

The Kansas City Square Riggers is an association of ship modelers in the metropolitan area of Kansas City and surrounding communities. The club seeks to foster research, modeling and preservation of the history of ships. Ships of all classes and construction from ancient wooden ships to present day all steel construction. The club fosters the preservation of the nautical heritage and history of life on the seas, rivers and lakes.

More about us

The club meets on the second Sunday of every other month, at 1:00pm and typically run about 2 hours The  meetings are held at the residence of one of the club memberson a rotating basis. Hosting a meeting is strictly voluntary and not a requirement for membership. At the meetings, the club members discuss and demonstrate modeling techniques and display their current modeling projects. The latest information on books, web-sites and out of town seminars and exibits is also covered. Our membership participates in many of these other activities and presenting information from visits to other clubs, conferences, and museums is amoung the highlights of our meetings.

The club membership is composed of a varied group of individuals with diverse occupations and backgrounds, many having little to do with nautical matters. The majority of the members are retired professionals, machinists and many others but all are welcome. They have a common hobby and share their love of ship modeling. The club is governed by elected officers from the local membership.

Ship modeling includes a whole range of disciplines including; carpentry, miniature wood working, soldering, researching, history writing, photography, painting, drawing, metal work, carving and many other trades. These all combine in the making of model ships and their historical preservation for the future. The modeling capabilities of our members varies from beginner to master, from basic kits to kit-bashing to scratch building where all of the craft skills and research are used.

Remember people of all skill levels and backgrounds are welcome all that is required is a love of ship building. If you have that we want to hear from you. 

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